Shipping Policy

Expected Shipping Date

After your order is verified, you can expect to receive your order within the following time frame:

  • West & East Malaysia: In 7 working days (except weekend and holidays)

Please note that all processing and shipping times are estimates only. There may be delays with production or supply, which we cannot control. If you need your order by a certain date please contact us. We also reserve the right to cancel your order if we run out of stock.

Courier Company

We have an entrusted professional third-party logistics companies to deliver the goods to you.

Delivery may be delayed or cancelled under the following conditions:

  • ​​​​To the region other than main cities
  • To a wrong address, postal code or consignee (on the part of the customer's fault) Regional Traffic Control.
  • Other force majeure factors (such as bad weather, etc.)

Inquiry about Delivery of Ordered Goods

After your online purchase is done, you will receive an email for order confirmation. When our warehouse has completed the shipment, you will receive another email of shipment notification. If you want to track your shipment, please check your email. If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

Goods Acceptance and Receipt

In order to protect your rights, you should confirm the following in the presence of the transport personnel upon receipt:

  • Be it goods and accessories, number of goods, delivery list, the invoice (if any), gifts (if any), please check and make sure that there are consistent with the your order.
  • If there is any damage in packaging, merchandising error, shortage of goods, merchandising quality or any defect, or in any form that deem inappropriate for acceptance, you have a right not to accept or reject the goods on the spot.
  • In order to protect your rights, we recommend that you should not entrust other people to sign on the receipt on behalf of you. Once the signature is made, you are deemed to have checked and confirmed that all goods, random accessories and gifts are accepted by your goodself and further claim cannot be made.